The Repair Process

So you know exactly what to expect, the following is our step-by-step repair process, from the estimate to picking up your vehicle.

The Estimate

One of our estimators will assess your vehicle damages and provide a detailed estimate. Next, approval is obtained from the owner and insurance provider.

Parts Ordered/Disassembly

Parts are typically ordered before the vehicle is dropped for repair. One or two technicians are assigned to repair your vehicle. Before Damaged parts are removed the vehicle is prewashed and inspected one more time. A repair checklist is prepared for the estimator detailing the final hidden damages for the estimator.

Revised Estimate/Client Updated

If any additional damage is found the estimator will make changes to the original estimate and forward this information to the insurance company. The owner will be updated as well. At this time additional parts will be ordered if necessary.


Now the important part…the repair begins! The repairs will now be performed on your vehicle.


At this stage, panels that need to be refinished go through a complete preparation process. The outside finish is applied in our spray booths. The exterior of the vehicle is polished to match the original factory finish and texture.

Reassembly/Final Inspection

The vehicle is now being put back together as a whole. Trims, door handles, moldings, tires - whatever was being repaired - is being reinstalled! Once the repairs are complete the vehicle is inspected once more to make sure that you’re getting your vehicle back in optimal conditions.


Once the vehicle is inspected it will go through a thorough cleaning process inside and outside.

Pick Up

The customer will be notified that the repairs have been completed. The estimator will show and discuss in detail all the work that has been done. Deductible, if any, or payment, will be collected, and the customer can be on their way in their restored-to-like-new vehicle!


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